I really did not want to make a post asking for help. I avoided it for a good few months, but I can’t ignore that I need help anymore and need to ask for it. 

When I moved to Florida in January, I was basically starting over from scratch. All of my belongings are currently with a friend in Oregon. I have no car to get to and from work so I rely on Florida’s terrible public transportation system and cabs to get where I need to go and that get’s pretty expensive and generally leaves me with a tiny paycheck. On top of that I ran into some medical problems and now I’m barely keeping my head above water. I’m currently looking for a better position that would pay more and keep me closer to home. 

I need to raise 3000.00 to take care of everything, and put myself back on track.

Soooo I am taking $10.00 sketch commissions. With my limited time I can’t really do anything more than quick sketches. You don’t need to pay me until the work is done. If you’d like one, shoot me an e-mail or an ask. 

Here is a link to some examples! ( X )

If you’d rather just donate a dollar or two, my paypal e-mail is:

Signal boosts are good too and much appreciated. ;n; 

My girlfriend works so hard for so little. On an average 8-hour work day she’s actually away from home for more than 12 hours simply because the public transportation is terrible. It takes 2 hours to get by bus what it would take a half hour to drive. :( She’s such a good person. She’s the light of my life and deserves so much more. Any help you could give her would be appreciated so, so much by the both of us.

Commission post!! (pixels too!)


i dont wanna have to spam any of your dash again that old commission post so I made a journal on DA with specific prices and where you can message me!! ;w; I’M NOW OPENING PIXEL COMMISSIONS NOW… i’m a little more confident in making some.. hopefully you or someone you know is interested <3 

Anonymous asked:

hey! focus on yourself first, okay? It's great that you're back and okay, but don't stress yourself out about tumblr when you have to worry about your health. Rest up first, okay? I've pushed myself over art before and I wasted away, I want you to be safe.

I wan’t to be able to rest too, but we’re about $50 away from making rent this month and If I can just do some arts for tonight for some rad ppl, then I can truly rest easy. Here’s the thing: I don’t want to be sick AND homeless. 

Hey there my lovely followers! This month has really been a kick in the pants for me. I ended up in the ER on Tuesday and came back home without proper answers. It’s been really tough for me to get back into my art groove mostly due to severe pain and the occasional fever, BUT life don’t really stop, so I’ll be doing another $5 sketch stream later this evening because we are SO CLOSE to making it this month. It’s the home stretch, the final push. (also i kinda more or less spent my bday money on medications…)

SO I’ll be posting a link pretty soon! hope you guys will stop on by!