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Hi Gen, about the $20 tier on your patreon and the mailing of sketches, etc; would you post outside the US? I'd pay extra to cover shipping of course, assuming it doesn't cost too much. I live in Australia btw.


For international mailing, I’ll try to keep the cost AS WAY DOWN on my end as possible, but I’ll let you know of the shipping cost in advance and we can work out payment together if that’s ok! I’ve shipped to Australia before, and still do so now, so it shouldn’t be all that crazy, as long as the parcel I send is relatively small. 

[Ok so I did some googling and a Standard size envelope that weighs 1lb (454 g) costs about $12 to ship to Australia. If it weighs 5 ounces (142 g) it costs about $6 to ship.]

fucking international shipping, why you cost so much????

Help me get to Oregon! (Move-out fund)




Hello everyone. I have done one of these before, to a small success. I was able to use those donations to rent out a room in a friend’s home. However the situation was never meant to be permanent and it’s an unstable living arrangement. I am looking to move out of state for the first time towards the beginning of June 2014.

I have the opportunity to move to Oregon, where I will have the chance to go back to school and get a job in a more stable environment.

This fund is to help me move from California to Oregon. The cost to rent a truck is high and I’ll have to sell or throw out most of my furniture to get up there.

This fund will help me drive up there, get a bed and a desk, and help with rent in the meantime of me finding a job on top of commissions. There is a reward system set up for donation amounts, certain donations will get up to multiple drawings.
Those who follow me know I do commissions as well. Anything and everything helps, this is a really important and exciting opportunity for me!
Commission information

Thank you everyone, and thank you for reading!

This is still very important and my first priority! Any donation helps so much!

I only have about two months to raise this money. I know times are hard. If you can’t donate, please reblog and spread the word. I also am still open for commissions as well.